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    Today well talk about the second part of the Reactoonz 2 slot game. The game was announced in the fall of 2020. The Reactoonz 2 slot machine is a video slot in which paid combinations are formed according to the principle of clusters. The bet must be placed on the spin. The minimum limit is twenty cents. The maximum is one hundred euros.

    Payouts are charged for at least five identical pictures. They can be located anywhere on the field, but must touch the side faces horizontally or vertically. Diagonal corner touches are not counted.

    If a paid chain is formed, the client first receives money for it. Further symbols from this cluster explode. Empty cells are filled with icons located above. The process can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

    Reactoonz 2 Review

    RTP is a percentage that theoretically suggests how much money you can get back at the end of the gaming session. It is generally accepted that the average is 95%.

    Reactoonz 2 RTP slots is 96.2%. The theoretical return rate is within the normal range when compared with other novelties in the field of online casino games. The level of variation is high. Get ready for possible black bars and enjoy big wins in one round.

    Reactoonz 2 Features

    Play Reactoonz 2 Australia on the best online gaming platforms. Party Casino, Mobilebet, Casino Rizk and many other online casino services have this game available.

    Everything you need to know about Reactoonz 2

    At the first acquaintance with the slot, it seems as if the game Reactoonz 2 takes place in a galaxy far away. Foremost, because of the unusual icons of the slot machine and strange devices located on the right side of the screen. In what other slot will you see a quantum counter and a huge three-eyed alien? By the way, you can wake him up – the profit will be maximum! The magical atmosphere of the game is perfectly complemented by space music. If necessary, you can always turn it off to focus on the most important thing.

    The unique sound, animated characters and rich colors of Reactoonz 2 bonus leave a pleasant impression. It is unlikely that additional explanations are needed on how to play Reactoonz 2, because the entire interface of the video game is intuitively simple.

    If this is your first time trying this kind of game, just:

    • download the game;
    • check out the start screen;
    • place your bet on the first level;
    • make rotations manually or automatically.

    After spinning the drum, everything will run autonomously. Watch the bright information that will be on the screen. This is a bright accompaniment to make you have fun. Cheerful music and unique animation have become key features of this device. By the way, don’t forget to try the mode when the reels spin themselves. Just enter the bet amount and the number of spins. Then you can just relax and watch your bankroll grow.

    Play for Money

    Reactoonz 2 Free Spins and Bonus Offers. The game does not provide free spins, but this is offset by a variety of bonus offers.


    Three years have passed since the release of the 1st part in 2017. In the second part, the Play’n Go game provider has retained the usual gameplay and coin accrual scheme. Gamblers are waiting for well-known heroes, but the gameplay has become more exciting and interesting. There are several features that significantly increase the chances of winning. It’s safe to say that Reactoonz 2 has changed for the better.

    At first glance, the rules of the game in Reactoonz 2 may seem complicated and slightly confusing. However, a couple of rotations will immediately clear everything up. In addition, you can test the slot for free by running the demo mode and reading the review on the site in detail. A remake of the good old “Reactoons” will appeal to both experienced players and beginners who are just starting to master online gambling. Start your journey to riches with Reactoonz 2 online — a fun and addictive slot that definitely deserves your attention!



    How is the new version different from the old one?

    At first glance, there are not many differences between the two slots. But an attentive gambler will immediately notice the difference:

    • The number of top symbols is 15+ without taking into account the x2 multiplier.
    • Maximum profit per spin. In the first part, we talked about x4750, in the second – already x5083.
    • But the value of RTP in slots has not changed much – 96.51% versus 96.2%.

    No one could have thought that one of the main characters of the Gargantoon slot would call his friend Energun from the Energoonz slot machine of the same name for help. Now there are even more characters, which means that the game becomes even more interesting.

    Is there a mobile version of the slot machine?

    The rules of the game in Reactoonz 2 will be the same. It doesn’t matter what device you’re playing on. For the best experience, you can use Android, Apple, or a computer. The main thing is to know the rules.

    What are slot lines?

    The essence of the Reactoonz 2 app is known to everyone: to win, you need to collect the same images in a row. These rows are called paylines. The combination is paid out only if the symbols are matched by them. The first slot machines had only 1 horizontal line. But with the invention of video slots, everything changed. Slot machines no longer depend on mechanisms and gears. Now the number was limited only by the concept of the game.

    Lines in video slots can be straight, zigzag and form complex angles. They also differ in direction. In some online slots, combinations are counted from one side, for example, from right to left, in others – in both directions. This information must be checked in the payable on the playground.