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    Live Blackjack

    How do I play live blackjack?

    When you play live blackjack Australia for real money online, the rules are almost the same as in real life.

    The cards are numbered from 2 to 10 and have the value that shows their number. All picture cards are worth 10 points. Depending on the rules, an ace may have a value of 11 or 1.

    The value of your hand is equal to the sum of the values of the cards in it. The goal is to get as many hands as possible, but the number of hands should not exceed 21. That would be an immediate loss.

    When playing with a live dealer, the game starts with two cards. It is up to the player to decide if he wants to draw cards or stay with the cards he already has. If the value of your cards is greater than the dealer's, you win the betting amount.

    Live Poker Terminology

    When you play live dealer blackjack, the dealer may sometimes use strange words with unknown meanings. We know that this can be discouraging and even frustrating, especially when the stakes are high. That's why below we provide a brief glossary of blackjack terms with explanations.

    • Bust means that the player automatically loses because his cards are bigger than 21.
    • Double - When playing live, you can make a second bet by seeing what cards the dealer has given you.
    • Hit - If you want the dealer to give you another card, use the term "hit".
    • Insurance - This is a second bet you can make after the dealer has dealt you an ace card. In this case, you are guessing whether he can get a natural blackjack.

    Live poker software developers

    • Evolution Gaming has been in business since 2006 and currently operates studios in Latvia and Malta. The company offers the largest number of online blackjack tables in all of Europe. The game is available in different versions.
    • Ezugi was founded in 2013 and has blackjack live casinos centers around the world in countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom, Malta, Romania and Latvia. It offers its customers two versions of live blackjack.
    • NetEnt began making live blackjack in 2013 at its headquarters in Malta. If you want to play this game on your cell phone, you should choose one of NetEn's products. The company has a reputation for being the best provider of mobile software.
    • Playtech launched its live blackjack in 2009. Today, Playtech Casino has offices in Malta, Latvia and Romania. The company provides games of the highest quality with professional dealers.
    • Microgaming launched its Live Blackjack offering in 2010 from its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. If you decide to produce this particular provider, expect amazing quality graphics, but at the cost of depriving players of the opportunity to talk to the dealer.

    A live version of blackjack on cell phone

    Recent years have seen an incredible boom in mobile gambling. A huge number of players prefer to play live blackjack through their smartphones, giving them the freedom to choose where and when to play. Gone are the days when mobile games were only the worst counterpart to their desktop prototypes, which were only used as a last resort. 

    Today, live blackjack sites are trying to make sure that players find the same products and bonuses on their phones as on full sites. For this reason, many gambling establishments also allow users to play live with dealers through mobile devices. Gamblers have gained another opportunity to play for big money from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

    If you want to play live blackjack real money with a real dealer, you can download a special casino app for your phone, adapted for Android or iOS, from the Google Play or App Store. This option is offered by the vast majority of online gambling centers. However, if your favorite casino does not have a special app, you can always try the game through the mobile version of your browser. In this case, some features of the program may be correspondingly smaller and less intuitive, but the overall experience will not change a bit. However, to avoid the inconvenience and poor performance of the phone version of the game, choose only trusted websites.

    One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing mobile blackjack is that you need a stable and reliable Internet connection to play smoothly. If the network goes down or there are problems with coverage, sound and video quality will deteriorate significantly. Unfortunately, this will significantly reduce the comfort of the game. Sometimes it is worth investing in a quality internet connection to play blackjack live without problems.

    To sum it up

    Above are tips that can help playtech live blackjack enthusiasts play like professionals. Try them out today and see how it goes. But don't forget to play responsibly. Set a game budget and time limit, never chase losses and know when to quit. It's a gamble!