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    Live Baccarat

    History of Baccarat

    Baccarat occupies a special place among promising card games. Online baccarat live is a card game in which participants must score the maximum number of points. Appeared, most likely, in France or Italy. There is a similar game in Spain that includes Punto Banko (under this name it is found in casinos). In a number of countries, other names may also be common - macau, nine, piece of iron.

    In the Middle Ages, baccarat was played using tarot cards. Already at the end of the 15th century, French nobles often spent their leisure time at the card table, playing in it. In letters during this period, gambling aristocrats began to take a regular deck with 52 cards.

    In the age of computer technology, it became possible to play live baccarat online Australia.

    Baccarat: game rules

    How points are calculated:

    • ace - one point;
    • cards from 2 to 9 - nominal values ​​\u200b\u200b(respectively, from two to nine);
    • king, queen and jack - zero points.

    If a player scores ten points or more, then 10 is subtracted from this amount, and what is left is credited to the account.

    Example: player 1 has 8+5=13 in his hands, writes 13-10=3 to his account. player 2 took 7+3=10, total: 10-10=0.

    Description of the game process

    Players place bets on one of three fields: Player (player wins), Bank (dealer wins) and Tie (draw). Limits on the size of bets are negotiated in advance. Players receive two cards.

    • Option 1: the dealer (banker) or his incarnation, 2 cards in size, gaining 9 points. This is a "natural" win - all bets are taken by the winner.
    • Option 2: the participant (any) scored more than 9 points - in this case, 10 is subtracted from the total and the game continues.
    • Option 3: The first player has 8 points, and his manifestation has less, this is also a net gain.
    • Option 4: when you are in the middle of the line 8 and 9 points. When three cards are dealt, except when the player (or dealer) has more than 5 points. If you have 5 points in the bank, then the card you want is one of the card names: 4, 5, 6 and 7 cards.

    Game and betting rules

    The rules of live baccarat online free play are quite simple. Two cards are dealt: to the banker (representing the dealer or house) and to the player (you don't have to bet on the player's hand). You can bet on three possible outcomes:

    • Player hand win;
    • Banker's hand winning;
    • Draw.

    The player's winnings are paid 1 to 1 (1:1, also called "even money"). The banker's win pays out 1 to 1 minus the 5% commission (i.e. a bet of 100 chips pays out 195 chips). Draw pays 8 to 1.

    After the bet, the player and the banker are dealt 2 cards. Each hand in baccarat consists of a maximum of three cards. Cards below 10 have a value equal to their face value, with the exception of aces, which are worth 1 point. Tens and picture cards are worth 0 points.

    In baccarat, you can score a maximum of 9 points. If the sum is 10 or more, then only the second digit of the sum is taken into account in the result. For example, 5+7+2=14 and the total score is 4.

    If the banker or player has 8 or 9 points on the first two cards (called a "natural hand"), they win (or a tie is scored if the player and banker have the same number of points), and a new hand begins.

    If the sum of the first two cards is between 0 and 5, the player must take a third card. If a player has 6 or 7 points, then no cards are dealt to him. The banker receives a third card if the sum of his points is between 0 and 5.

    Baccarat: all possible strategies

    Online baccarat live dealer is gambling. Most of the tricks only matter in the short game.

    The most important rule for any player is to bet such amounts that you can lose. This is the law of getting rid of painful experiences if money is lost in online casino live baccarat real money.

    Don't bet on a draw

    Playing baccarat live mobil is considered easy, but this discussion is misleading. You can always win if:

    • bet on a draw: this outcome, although it pays very generously, is extremely unlikely.
    • bet on the player: a more likely event than a bet on a draw, but the casino owners will have a handicap of 1.2-1.29%;
    • bank profit is a probable outcome: even taking into account commission payments (standard - 4-5%), the player can receive a stable income (here the dealer's chances are 1.01-1.02%).

    Important tips - aspects to be guided when playing:

    • clear planning of funds - before the game, you should determine the limit of one bet and the limit of exiting the casino;
    • you need complete control over yourself - you can’t succumb to a momentary mood;
    • with a successful game, it is necessary to set aside some of the money - this disciplines and will not allow you to leave the game without funds.

    When you playing best live baccarat online, you should understand that the opponent is not a person, but a system that does not experience emotions.