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    Live bingo

    Tips for Winning at Online Casino Bingo

    Have you ever heard from someone a joyful exclamation: “Bingo!”? This exclamation comes from the West, but has long taken root with us. Interestingly, it is often used by people who do not know how to play bingo and generally have little idea about this game of chance.

    Currently bingo live online is offered by many specialized websites. In addition, it is popular in online casinos, where several models with different rules and interface features are often available at once.

    General Bingo Rules

    First, let’s deal with the basic provisions.

    The object of the game of bingo is to fill the numbers on your card with the winning numbers.

    In fact, this is a kind of lotto game that everyone has known since childhood. Live bingo games use tickets with different numbers and numbered balls

    In the bingo live app, the random number generator selects the balls one by one. Numbers are automatically marked in the client’s card.

    Winnings are credited for all marked numbers, as well as for numbers located according to different schemes. Templates are always indicated in the paytable.

    The winnings are determined by the bet and certain odds.

    There are a lot of varieties of bingo, so the nuances of the rules should be clarified in each individual model.

    live bingo

    Gameplay in bingo

    The sequence of actions is usually as follows:

    • The player chooses the number and value of cards, after which the round begins.
    • The RNG determines the winning numbers. They are immediately marked on the tickets.
    • If a combination is made according to the rules, the client receives a payout.
    • This concludes the draw. There is usually no risk game for doubling.
    • Varieties of online bingo
    • Bingo for online casinos is available in the portfolio of Playtech, Novomatic, Netent and many other software manufacturers.
    • Versions differ from each other in different parameters:
    • Theme – Along with the classic varieties, there are thematic games with interesting characters.
    • Number of balls – Ninety balls are usually used in play live bingo, but other variations are possible.
    • Number of cards – Sometimes you can play only one card, but more often you are allowed to take several.
    • Theoretical Return – The RTP value depends on the specifics of the rules. Many developers list it in the help section that comes with the game.
    • Determination of Winners – Winnings can only be awarded for completely filled cards, but in many models for online casinos, payouts are also based on patterns made up of crossed out numbers.
    • Availability of bonuses – Software developers often use additional prize features, payouts and other bonuses.
    • Jackpot draws – Accumulative amounts are played in certain types of bingo. As a rule, in order to win the progressive jackpot, you need to cross out all the numbers for a certain number of balls drawn from the reel.
    • Functionality – These are settings, autoplay and other criteria that are not directly related to the gameplay and bingo rules.
    • When choosing a live casino bingo model, pay attention to all the criteria, but remember that the most important of them is the RTP.

    How to win at Bingo?

    Learn the rules of the game

    In order to achieve success, you must carefully study the rules and features of the game. In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the varieties of download bingo live in order to know how to act correctly when a particular slot machine opens in an online casino.

    Choose your slot machine carefully

    In order to ensure the fairness of the gaming process, we recommend choosing Bingo slots only from popular providers – Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt and others. The main advantage of products from these brands is the reliability and high quality of the gameplay, time-tested.

    Don’t Forget Demo Mode

    If your gambling club supports the free format of the game, use this to learn the rules of the Bingo game in practice and gain the necessary skills. The demo version is available to all players without registration and deposit. To activate it, select a slot machine and click DEMO.

    Choose slot machines with high RTP

    RTP reflects how much money invested in a slot machine a gambler will be able to return in the future. The normal return rate for Bingo at the online casinos from our list is 87% and higher. You can get information about RTP on the website of the gambling club. The advantage of the return coefficient is that it is set during the development of the slot machine, and the administration of the online casino cannot influence it.