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    Learn the rules of craps

    The game of dice is one of the oldest games ever invented. Roughly speaking, the essence of the game is to roll dice to get the right number of points. It is recognized that the traditional game should be played by 2-4 people.

    If you have ever seen a craps table, you probably thought it was a very difficult game. In fact, it’s not all that bad, although it takes the average player quite a while to master it. This guide will give you a brief introduction to the history and basic rules of craps, as well as a few tips to increase your chances of winning.

    Game Description

    Craps casino is a gambling game that uses dice. Its essence is in their throwing and counting points. The one who gets the most points wins. The order of throwing the dice and their counting differs depending on the type of game. Besides the player who rolls the dice (shooter or shooter) and the dealer, there may be up to 20 other players who place bets. Bets are placed on the roll or outcome of the game.


    A brief history of Craps

    Craps is probably one of the oldest games ever played, as evidenced by excavations in ancient Egypt. More often than not, the dice themselves were made of dice, hence the name of the game. Interestingly, it is likely that the dice were originally used for divination. Later the game became popular in ancient Rome, and after its fall, spread throughout Europe. Nowadays, there are many variations of betting and variations in free online craps.

    Craps Strategies

    When you play craps online, you will understand which techniques work and which do not. A lot will only come with time, but we have some tips to help you get started correctly and choose an online craps strategy.

    First of all, try to establish a basic pattern of raising the stakes when you win and lowering them when you lose. Never quit right after winning, instead start betting Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come Line. This will give you a 50 percent chance of doubling your winnings and a relatively low organizer’s cut.

    After you make a Line bet, you can then make Odds bets, in which the organizer’s share is even lower. In all other possible Craps bets, the organizer share is very high, so you will need to proceed with caution while gaining experience. However, the reward in these bets matches the risk, so get ready for a huge temptation! In the end, it all comes down to how lucky you feel in each individual situation.

    Why Craps?

    • The game is controlled by the player.
    • The casino’s advantage in many varieties of the game is limited to 2%.
    • You can make money by betting on the lucky player.
    • You can win a substantial amount of money after just a couple of throws.
    • The game does not require any skills.


    When taking part in craps online gambling, you will be faced with thirteen moves in which each player has three rolls. The first roll always uses all five dice and is mandatory. The second and third rolls are optional, and the selected dice can be saved. The player rolls the dice that have not been retained. The rolls during each collection are designed to obtain the correct combination. After each roll, the number of points must be entered into a special scoring table for one category.

    It is worth remembering that in a game of dice once selected category cannot be used repeatedly. The game ends when the last category in the table is used. As you probably guessed – the player with the most points wins. For example – if a player rolls a 4, 3, 4, 4, 1 and chooses the category “fours”, he gets twelve points. In the case where he chooses three, he would only get three points. If he were to choose a category of twos, fives, or sixes in this case, he would receive zero points. Why? The answer is simple–there is no die in this chart that would show that many points.

    If a player has a total of at least sixty-three points from the top of the table, from ones to sixes, he receives a bonus of thirty-five points. You may also receive a bonus by rolling a minimum of three dice with the same number of dots in the selected categories at the top of the table. Clinging to the “three of a kind” rule is the best way to get the bonus. This strategy can be unreliable. One of the best ways to deal with this is to deliberately record a result in one of the categories with less than 3 dice of the same type with the intent to compensate by keeping the result in another category with 4 identical dice.

    How to play craps?

    If you want to quickly analyze your situation in free online craps, it is best to add differences – 3 identical dice – 0 points, more or less than 3 identical ones – corresponding lack or excess. For example, missing three units equals three missing points. You can make up for this by rolling an extra three, four, five, or six. A lack of two units and one three can be compensated by four fives or four sixes. Creating a surplus is useful and increases the chances of getting a bonus. However, sometimes high dice combinations (four sixes, four fives) can be more useful to use in category 4 “Equals” because of their high score and low probability of getting just that combination in the best online craps casino.

    Playing online casino craps real money may not be the most difficult game, but it requires the player’s attention and skill. This is a great game for those who equate recreation with logical entertainment. Do you like to play craps, but you do not like to count? Play online!