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    Live poker

    Online poker with a live dealer

    For many players, the lack of contact with real people is a disadvantage of online poker. Other users consider the RNG algorithm, which is responsible for the distribution of cards, to be “twisted”. The solution to these problems for customers who do not have access to offline casinos is live poker online. This game mode allows you to feel the atmosphere of a real institution without leaving your computer.

    The history of poker rooms with a real croupier

    PKR and Poker3DLive were the first rooms to combine online gaming with elements of a real casino. This option did not become popular, and soon the rooms closed.

    Attempts to introduce live dealers into the online version were made by such large rooms as PokerStars and 888poker. Having assessed the unsuccessful experience of their predecessors and the potential costs of creating a new format, the flagship rooms abandoned this idea. However, over time, live poker Australia has gained immense popularity.

    Live poker

    How is the gameplay going?

    The distribution at the tables against real opponents in live online poker Australia looks like this:

    • The dealer sits in front of the webcam.
    • Opponents are depicted as avatars.
    • The croupier shuffles the cards and deals them to the participants of the distribution on the corresponding boxes.
    • Pocket hands are scanned and shown to each player.
    • Opponents trade like in a regular room.
    • The dealer reacts to the actions of the players and opens the community cards at the beginning of the next deal.
    • The croupier conducts a showdown, the software automatically determines the winner and manages the bank.
    • At the showdown, opponents themselves can evaluate the correctness of displaying hole cards.
    • Playing poker against the casino is organized in a simpler way. In these disciplines, the participant has no other opponents, except for the house, the cards are dealt face-up.

    Live poker features

    The main difference between the one-on-one game with the croupier is that the mathematical expectation is always on the side of the casino. The result depends on luck, no matter what skills the poker player has. The probability of a certain combination falling out is too small compared to the payout if it is built.

    Another feature of online poker with a live dealer is the game only for real money, free live poker online is very rare. In slots, roulettes, tables of most rooms there are demo versions where the user can try his hand for free. Play live poker is only possible in real money betting mode.

    Varieties of live poker

    The choice of disciplines in a similar format in different rooms is different. We list the most popular types available in most rooms with live tables:

    • Casino Holdem is a variant of classic Hold’em where the opponent is the casino. The task of the player is to collect a hand that is stronger than that of the leader. At the beginning of the distribution, you can make additional bets that give a bonus in case of a winning combination.
    • Caribbean Stud Poker is a discipline that bears little resemblance to regular Stud. The participant receives five open cards, the croupier – one open and four closed. The player can either fold or make an additional bet to see the opponent’s hand. The bank is taken by the owner of a stronger combination.
    • Three Card Poker – To receive a pocket hand, a player must deposit an ante and one of two bonus bets. The player receives three open cards, the dealer receives the same number of closed cards. Then you can either fold your hand or bet to find out your opponent’s combination. There are seven three-card combinations possible at showdown. The highest is the mini-royal: ace, king and queen of the same suit.

    Advantages and disadvantages of playing with a live dealer

    The main advantages of best live poker:

    • The atmosphere of a living institution.
    • Control over the actions of the croupier.
    • Opportunity for fast income.
    • Non-standard game disciplines.

    The disadvantages of the live format are:

    • Low upload speed.
    • Relatively high rates.
    • Possible connection problems.
    • No demo.

    At the same time, it is important not to forget that in this format, the result over a long distance depends on luck. Therefore, live poker free app is a good way to have fun and earn money. To become a professional, you need to learn how to play with real opponents. You can improve your skills by reading theoretical articles.

    Guaranteed safe and fair play

    In order not to become a victim of scammers, you should choose proven large sites. Information about the license is located in the client or on the official website of the room.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Are there live poker tournaments?

    No, in this mode, the player can sit at the table or leave it at any time.

    Are there ways to beat the casino in heads-up poker?

    Experienced users know many such strategies, but most of these approaches do not give an advantage to the participant, but only reduce the profit of the house in the long run.

    Do rooms give bonuses for playing Live Poker?

    Yes, new users receive welcome wagering bonuses. Current players participate in promotions and receive jackpots. Casino bonus conditions are usually different from offers in the same poker room.