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    Video poker

    How to play video poker: useful tips for beginners

    All gambling games can be divided into two groups: those in which the user decides something, and those where nothing depends on it. Video poker games belongs to the first category. Despite the fact that it is closest to the slots, and the machines even have RTP, the player can increase his chances of winning prizes, if he will consider some important points.

    Basic rules of video poker 

    Let's learn how to play step by step.

    The goal of playing video poker is to collect one of the paying poker combinations.

    You don't have to compare it with the dealer's conditional cards. Any combination stipulated by the rules is guaranteed to bring a win. But note that the list of payable options may be different in individual models.

    At the beginning of the round you have to make a bet. Most often at stake are taken from one to five coins. You also need to specify their value.

    Then you get five cards. It is allowed to change any number of them for free once, but the exchange is not obligatory. If you have a combination in your hands, you get a sum of money, which is calculated by the bet and the corresponding coefficient.

    Not all slots are the same

    There are dozens of types of free video poker at online casinos today, and each one is different in its own way. The ultimate goal in any case is to collect as strong a combination as possible to get the maximum payout, but the multipliers themselves and the payback percentage are different. That is, before you start playing, you need to figure out which slot promises more profits and what kind of video poker software you need.

    Don't spread yourself thin

    Video poker is a fairly simple game. Unlike tournament disciplines and even cash, it does not require a long study of video poker strategies and immersion in mathematical problems. Anyone can master it in a few minutes, regardless of the format. When the main goal is not so much to have fun as to make money, it is better to focus on one of its varieties. If you play everything at once, the thoughts in your head can get confused.

    One of the best options for beginners is Jacks or Better, where payments on combinations starting with a pair of jacks.

    Winning amounts are different everywhere

    Each video poker slot has its own RTP, but in addition to that, it's important to consider the payout table terms. Sometimes a machine with a lower base payout and high multipliers for collecting combinations is better than a machine where the opposite is true.

    That said, winnings can differ even in identical poker formats presented by different providers. In this case, the choice should be made on the variant that offers higher numbers.

    Strategy - the key to success

    When the user counts only on luck, he has no control over anything. If he makes decisions based on mathematical calculations, he begins to influence the result.

    There are many systems whose efficiency has been proven in practice for a long time. None of them does not guarantee a win, but some reduce to a minimum the casino's advantage.

    Bonus traps

    Bonuses, at first glance, look very attractive, but not all are. Many of them have wagering conditions, which are almost impossible to meet. And, by participating in the action, the user himself agrees to certain restrictions.

    For example, if you make a deposit of $100, the casino can accrue a bonus of the same amount. Bets will first be made with this money, and all the winnings will go not on the main, but on the additional balance. To withdraw them, you will have to meet additional conditions, usually involving scrolling the wager. This often requires making additional deposits.

    Before activating the bonus, you should carefully read the rules for its receipt and realistically assess your chances.

    Fast does not mean good

    The pace of play in mobile video poker has no effect on your results. However, the slower it is, the more bets you can manage to make and the more fun you get. Do not forget that the main purpose of using a gambling site is just positive emotions. The possibility of making money is only a pleasant addition when you play video poker.

    The size of the bet is also important. The whole budget should be divided into at least 100-200 parts, so that even in the case of a losing streak the session does not end in half an hour.


    Every decision a player makes, even the one they come to before starting the slot, matters. The most important point is to choose a suitable slot machine with a correct payout table and a high RTP. Next, you should decide on the strategy and size of bets, and only after that proceed to video poker download.