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    Skrill Casinos

    Skrill’s success story among other casino payments and more

    Credit cards are ideal for shopping in shopping malls, PayPal for online shopping, and Skrill for online casino games. This system processes many online payments quickly and securely, making it widespread among players and bookmakers. Online gambling is one of the main priorities of Skrill.

    Today the popularity of Skrill in the online casino industry surpasses even Neteller, which at the beginning of the noughties handled more than 80% of all casino payments. Skrill is already available in over 100 countries and accepts over 40 currencies, again surpassing Neteller. As subsidiaries of the Paysafe Group, both of these services share the same privacy-focused approach.

    But due to the popularity and prevalence of Australian Skrill mobile casino, choosing the right online casino becomes much more difficult. Then a list of the best Skrill accepted casino with all the information about the available games, bonuses and user reviews comes to your aid.

    Before you find which casino with Skrill support is right for you, here’s some great information about Skrill.

    Skrill Casinos

    Skrill’s Success Story

    Founded in 2001 by Daniel Klein and Benjamin Kullmann, Skrill was originally called Moneybookers and immediately became involved in a payments race for dominance in online payments.

    Note: This race was won by PayPal with 58.88% of the market, while Skrill had less than 1%. However, this system managed to dominate sites with gambling, stock images and cryptocurrency. PayPal, on the other hand, has failed to dominate in these areas, and PayPal’s casino casino deposit is second to Skrill casino deposit by about half.

    In 2007, the Moneybookers service was bought out by Investcorp Technology Partners, after which it began to actively expand and by 2011 had a user base of 25 million people and worked with 150,000 businesses, including online casinos, e-commerce sites and other trading platforms. A year earlier, Moneybookers had been named the UK’s fastest-growing enterprise, and immediately afterwards the company announced a rebranding and changed its name to the one we know – Skrill.

    In February 2013 Skrill acquired Paysafecard, which allows you to buy prepaid vouchers and use them to make purchases online.

    Note: Paysafecard does not ask for any personal information and you can use your card PIN to make purchases. This online payment method guarantees security and absolute anonymity, which is why Paysafecard is actively used by casino players. On our website you can find an impressive list of casinos that support Paysafecard.

    In March 2015, Optimal Payments decided to acquire the Skrill Group, a rival company of its subsidiary Neteller, and in the second half of the year the Skrill service was bought for 1.1 billion euros. A little later, Skrill itself acquired Ukash, a competitor to its subsidiary Paysafecard.

    With the title of the best system for working with cryptocurrency, Skrill is often used on cryptocurrency exchanges to make deposits. Since 2018, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other tokens through this service. Thus, Skrill can also be used in online casinos that support cryptocurrencies.

    Pros and cons of Skrill as a casino payment system

    With the exception of credit cards, skrill deposit casino Australia has become the most common payment method. But is it so convenient? Let’s break down its pros and cons. The main advantages of play casino with skrill for players:

    • A multi-stage security system. Owners of electronic wallets do not need to provide the casino with their bank details. Skrill added another level of protection through SSL data encryption protocol, and you only need your wallet number to make a payment.
    • Advantageous fees. The fees for funding your casino account with Skrill are much lower than those of Neteller and many other wallets.
    • Quick deposits and withdrawals. This applies to all Skrill domestic transactions, as well as deposits and withdrawals to online casinos. In addition, Skrill withdraws casino winnings to the user’s account within a maximum of 24 hours, whereas in the case of credit cards, it may take several days.
    • Prevalence. The Skrill system is available in over 100 countries and accepts over 40 currencies, not including cryptocurrencies.

    All of these factors make Skrill a very attractive option, but it does have some drawbacks that are important to be aware of:

    • The online casino skrill deposit is not yet as common as credit/debit cards. Visa and Mastercard are still the most popular payment method at online casinos. Although many sites are already using Skrill, there are still some casinos without Skrill support.
    • High transaction fees between Skrill and other credit/debit cards. To transfer funds from your Skrill account to a credit card, you have to pay a high fee of 7.5%. Don’t confuse this with free transactions between Skrill and your online casino account.