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Every investment you make online by using real money with the prospect of winning money falls under on the web gambling. In Australia, online gambling is regulated by the IGA or the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This act exists to regulate and detect illegal gambling operations associated with online wagering, lotteries, and sports betting.

If you want to ensure that you’re playing on a legit site, on that offers fair opportunities and real payouts, and that you’re not breaking any laws, you must know that the website is compliant with this act.


The IGA causes it to be a legal offence to provide gambling services such as for example on line wagering to people currently residing or located in Australia. Furthermore, the act deems it illegal if unlicensed services provide betting of any sort, including Online Casino betting, sports wagering, and lotteries.

The penalties that result from breaking these rules are targeted toward the providers of such services, not the players. But choosing unchecked and non-approved website may result in many problems for you. You may be a victim of fraudulent activities until you pick an approved website.

It really is illegal for Australian gambling operators to provide or promote the following services to people in the country:

  • Slot machines or pokies
  • Casino games like Blackjack, Poker, or Roulette
  • Scratch Cards
  • Sports betting or in-play betting
  • Lotteries

Any game provided on the internet is prohibited under the IGA when it’s provided to people physically in Australia (not just the ones residing there).


According to the IGA, it is a legal offence to do one of the three following things:

  • Provide Australian-based interactive gambling services to customers in the designated countries
  • Provide unlicensed interactive gambling services to Australians or people located in AU
  • Provide prohibited interactive gambling services to people in Australia

Put simply, Australian casinos and other betting websites are just legal if licensed and if they accept players from different countries, not usually the one they are licensed in. The ISPs or Websites Providers follow the Interactive Gambling Industry Code to deal with online gambling that’s hosted outside the Australian borders.

To ensure smooth, safe, and legal betting and wagering, you’ll need to ensure that you’re utilizing a legit casino site. You won’t be paying penalties for a wrong choice, but such sites run a higher threat of you losing your money or turn into a victim of fraud.

Before you start gambling, check if your website you’re using is legal on ACMA – The Australian Communications and Media Authority registered licensed by the federal government.


ACMA not merely gives players an opportunity to find legit and licensed sites, but inaddition it blacklists the ones that have now been reported and provide illegal content. Even so, there’s no guarantee that the website you’re using is safe, so it’s still up to you do with a research. To protect yourself, search for sites which can be licensed, well-rated among players, and use safe banking solutions to protect your own personal information.


Since ACMA regulates this industry and determines which casino sites are illegal, you possibly can make a complaint or report a website on the internet within their Complaint form. If for just about any reason you believe that the gambling activity being advertised or offered online is illegal, use the form to submit a complaint.


ACMA is established by the Australian government to help gamblers detect and prevent fraudulent gambling platforms, as well as to keep an eye on web sites that advertise and gives gambling activities on the net. This site provides all of the necessary information regarding the Interactive Gambling Act, shares a summary of approved and legal websites, as well as blacklists casinos that provide illegal services.

On the site, gamblers is able to see the most recent law changes in the IGA, along with learn how to detect fraudulent websites. Following reforms in the IGA, ACMA publishes an updated registered of Australian licensed interactive wagering providers.

Since this web site appeared on the market, over 100 gambling services have fully withdrawn from the Australian betting market, rendering it safer for players to gamble on the net. Anyone who believes that the site breaks a rule in this act is allowed – as well as encouraged – to make a complaint.

The us government has additionally introduced a National Consumer Protection Framework which can be accessed from the ACMA site. This contains 10 measures to help problem gamblers and teach them to set their limits or prevent usage of betting services altogether.

When you’re looking at sites to gamble on, you can examine this amazing site to see which are compliant with the latest rules and laws. If the website under consideration is blacklisted, this means that they’ve been ‘caught’ doing something illegal. For example , gambling providers are not allowed to advertise barred services, offer credit for online sports betting, or promote such credit.